Verify Certificate

When a student provides you with an email and a verification code, you can verify that they earned a certificate for a course in the EnglishWe Academy.

Verify a Certificate

Check Status

Account status information for your Promo Code includes:
  •  Number of accounts
  •  Number of signups
  •  Courses completed
  •  Certificates earned
  •  Student scores

Check Status

Request Promo Code

The price per acccount is 20 USD.

You will be able to view the progress your employees make with their courses.

You choose your Promo Code: 3 to 8 characters (letters and numbers). Using that Promo Code, your employees get access to all the training courses at EnglishWe.

You choose how many accounts are associated with that Promo Code. If you sign up for a Promo Code and ask for 100 accounts, every course can be joined by 100 of your employees.

You may choose to allow access only to people with company emails: bob@company.com. To do this, select an Email Domain Type of "one" and enter an Email Domain Pattern, the part of your company domain (example: company.com) that should be in every student's email address.

Note: An invoice will be emailed to you with a link to the PayPal payment system, where you can pay with a card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, UnionPay).

Request Promo Code