My name is Joe Judge. I founded EnglishWe to help people write better English at work.

The trouble started forty years ago in university. I was the guy who wanted to make team lab reports clear and easy to read. (That's right, I was that guy.) Some classmates were impatient with me and some were baffled by my interest in doing a thorough job. But most were okay with me making us look good.

Since then, I have read extensively on the topic of clear writing at work. And I have worked in a variety of industries in jobs that required a lot of writing. Along the way, I created teaching materials to make the journey easier for others.

I hope you learn enough here at EnglishWe to accelerate your successes at work. Good luck!

My CV, My Story  (Note: If you have your career ahead of you, do not write your CV like this one. I have the luxury of no longer caring what people think about me, so I simply wrote my story in the form of a candid and casual CV.)